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What does 100% Handpicked Alerts Mean?

Most other penny stock newsletters are simply biased advertisers. What this means is that a shareholder or the company wants to create liquidity in the securities so they hire one of these biased touters. The most common reason is a third party wants to liquidate their position in the securities usually resulting in dilution causing the price per share to spike then fall in the short term. However there are a lot of hard working CEO’s that need to raise awareness and create liquidity to help with acquisitions and financing, so they hire a firm like Elite Traders Group to tell their story. Although we sometimes accept compensation as well, we try to help the right people for the right reasons. Our stock alerts are always handpicked and put through our ten steps of due diligence.

We are very unique in the small cap newsletter industry. We spend countless hours researching and finding the absolute best alerts for our loyal subscribers. We stay true to our 10 steps of due diligence and are not persuaded by biased promoters.


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