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Our NEW MOMO Alert is General Kinetics Inc. (GKIN) 3/21/2014

It took a little digging to get to the bottom of this one! Could this be our best performing MOMO play yet?

Purchased by Electromet Corporation, see link below.

Tiny share structure

Outstanding shares: 7.6M
Last reported par value at ($2.05/Share)

General Kinetics merges with Electromet Corporation as noted on the company website.

Approved DOD contractor with over 12M in annual sales.
Great share structure with only 7,645,557 shares outstanding.

Exciting Undiscovered Tech Company with Increasing Revenues

Brand New Tech Play Coming Tomorrow at Open
Increasing Revenues and Undiscovered until Now!!
Mobile Advertising Space is Hot
Several Patents and Strong Relationship with AT&T
Full Profile will be available here at 9:30 AM Tomorrow:

Big Monday Momo, Sub Penny Alert

KeyOn Communications Holdings, Inc. (TICKER: KEYO)

Last Reported Annual Revenue: 7.5M
Current Market Cap: 103K
Current: .005/share

Full Profile and Description:

Happy Trading,

The team at FPP

Friday Sub-Penny Alert Chart Setup, Low Float and Doing Biz with the Big Boys

WAFR Feature Full Report


Check out some of COREwafer’s High Profile Fortune 500 Clients such as Hewlet Packard and more…

The worldwide semiconductor assembly and test services market totaled $24.5 billion in 2012, a 2.1 percent increase from 2011, according to final results from Gartner, Inc., May 2013. CORE wafer Systems has over 1,500 copies of their software installed worldwide, with a number of high-profile customers which include: Applied Materials (CA), TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor), Sematech International, Global Foundries, National Semiconductor (now part of TI), Texas Instruments, US Department of Defense (DMEA, Sacramento CA), Fujitsu (Japan), Intel (Rio Rancho NM), ON Semi (US), Charter Semi (Singapore) and Hewlett Packard. Enterprise and data center networks are going through a change due to greater demand for data storage, security and privacy. This will generate demand for semiconductors over the next few years.

New concepts like Software Defined Networking are based on more intelligent network control and are therefore new markets for semiconductors. Spending on smart grids and intelligent metering applications is expected to see particularly strong growth. New technologies in mobile communication, cloud computing and hardware innovations rely on dependable components. Advances in these and many other market segments depend on the ability of semiconductors to provide greater functionality reliability at higher speeds while consuming less power. Increasing data volumes and the infrastructure needed to support these increased volumes while dealing with connectivity issues will continue to drive semiconductor sales. The demand for advanced diagnostics, like those provided by CoreWafer Systems, should grow at a faster rate than the overall semiconductor industry.

Chart reversal is just beginning and trading volumes in WAFR have increased significantly since July. Volume precedes price. The opportunity to get on board with WAFR at the current price may not last long. The probability for a bounce in WAFR shares seems very probable.

WAFR chart


52wk Range 0.0548 – 0.006

Average Vol. (3m) 448,085

Market Value $794,157 a/o Sep 26, 2013

Shares Outstanding 88,239,690 a/o Jun 30, 2013

Float 19,319,159 a/o Jun 30, 2013

Authorized Shares 150,000,000 a/o Jun 30, 2013


COREwafer Industries, Inc.

3001 W. Hallandale Blvd. Third Floor

Pembrooke Park, FL 33009

United States

Phone: 866-793-1110

Fax: 954-206-0487


(Website currently under construction)

COREwafer Industries, Inc.- COMPANY OVERVIEW

CWS builds advanced test solutions for engineering and manufacturing to verify devices are being made correctly, reliability tests to predict when the device will fail during usage, and characterization tests to verify the manufacturing operation is building the device according to the engineered specifications. CWS does these tests with their intellectual property called Wafer Level Reliability (WLR). The company’s unique technology is Predictive, Demonstrated and Quantitative (PDQ)

COREwafer Systems Products:

PDQ – WLR Wafer Level Reliability

WLR can give quick and accurate feedback on any reliability degradation created through process modifications, equipment changes or production variations. WLR reduces reliance on traditional burn-in and life test which is achieved by applying stresses greater than normal operating conditions to special structures on the wafer.

ASUR – SDR Single Device Reliability

This product provides a PC and instruments-based solution for single device-at-a-time reliability testing with modest equipment investment using proven reliability testing algorithms. SDR is a high performance, low cost accelerated reliability and parametric solution for single-site testing incorporating the proven accelerated techniques of CWS PDQ-SLR using instruments based solutions. The ASUR-SDR software suite provides an environment in which users can test semi-conductor wafers by using the JEDEC compliant PDQ-WLR algorithm library.

ASUR – PDR Nanometer era Parallel Reliability

Nano-meter technologies demand sophisticated test capabilities and expert knowledge of device technology to gather significant amounts of data for reliability studies. Traditional single device tests don’t generate essential information at multiple different conditions in appropriate periods of time as is required for the study of degradation mechanisms present in advanced IC design. The rapid collection of statistically significant data at proper, multiple acceleration stresses is crucial to the understanding and development of modern Nano-meter technology.


New CEO Mr. Cyril Moreau Joined The WAFR Team In June 2013

President/CEO – Mr. Cyril Moreau has over 15 years of experience in Operations, Sales and Professional Services for Software Solutions in both government and commercial industries. In 2010, Mr. Moreau founded International Executive Consulting LLC, to help startups in building their long term strategy and create strong foundations for the future. Mr. Moreau played a key role in introducing investors (VC, PE, Hedge Funds, and Private), as well as negotiating deals for startups and growth companies seeking funding.

Chief financial Officer – Ms. Teresa McWilliams has served as Chief Financial Officer since June 2011. Ms. McWilliams began her career at Merrill Lynch, a small CPA firm, and a securities broker/dealer where she moved into the role as corporate controller. In 1998, she started her own consulting practice and has since been providing private and public companies with services that include general accounting, business tax & financial services, and CFO consulting services.

Board Member – Mr. Yonghun Kim serves as Chief Executive Officer of Power Profit Investment, Ltd. and President of Asia of Newdea, Inc. Mr. Kim is an advisor at BB&R and also to MATIC (Moroccan American Trade and Investment Corporation). Mr. Kim holds leadership in a number of companies including serving as a partner at Planet Blue E & P, Inc. He has held a number of other consultant and advisory positions throughout his career and has been very active in promoting Korean-US relations … during the past decade. Mr. Kim also serves as a board member of Newdea, as well as a board member of EDC, RediFone and TIP Solutions, Inc. He is a graduate of West Point and served in the US Army. He studied classics at the University of Texas in Austin.

Board Member – Mr. Jerald Wrightsil, Former employee of Mazda Auto Tokyo and Aichi Kikai Nagoya, Jerald has an extensive background in international finance and international business with over 25 years of experience in the Far East and Europe has led to Jerald’s development of several startup ventures with Asia, Latin, and European partners, all of which have become profitable. Mr. Wrightsil is a graduate of the University of Hawaii, with a BBA in Marketing, with some language command of Japanese and some Turkish.


The Semiconductor Industry is a measure of technological progress. Developments in the industry determine the way we work, communicate and entertain ourselves. The PCs we work on, our cars, our phones, the gadgets we play with, all use semiconductor devices.

According to World Semiconductor Trade Statistic data, the industry should see a worldwide semiconductor sales growth of 4.5% in 2013. Gartner and IC Insights are close to this, with projections at 4.5% and 6.0%, respectively. Semiconductors are so ingrained into our lives that we don’t notice them or think about them; until one fails, then we have a problem. COREwafer Industries, through COREwafer Systems, is poised to ensure those failures are held to a minimum or don’t exist at all. WAFR shares seem to be a bargain at the current price of $.010. Considering the company’s products, personnel and the size of the market involved we can see WAFR headed for a potential listing upgrade in the near future.

Monday Mover Alert: Rewards Nexus, Inc. (OTC: ERNI)

ERNI is an early-entry, fresh off a name/ticker change market opportunity housed in the explosive rewards and loyalty industry. Trading volume increased steadily last week with all eyes on ERNI toward what we feel will be a major breakout play!
This ultra-low float play could provide good gains for our group! Only 35m shares in the float, with an authorized share count of 100,000,000 and strong volume positions this pick is a solid contender for one of our 89% BIG WIN PICKS. Previous highs in this thoroughbred company are at .20, .30 and .75 with closing price on Friday at the bargain basement price of .12!
Trading volume last week in combination with company objectives and chart indicators point toward a strong bull’s rally for ERNI this week!
Rewards Nexus, Inc. (OTC: ERNI) Rewards Nexus is a public company headquartered in New York. Through its subsidiaries, the company is creating a strong, sustainable, high performing network of retailers from different sectors within the U.S. that distributes products and services to a wide consumer base while offering discounts, promotions and rewards.

In all segments, Rewards Nexus communicates with customers via in-store through incentives, reward programs, gift card programs and advertising; online through social media networks and interactive websites with customizable features; and finally through applications designed for Smart Phones.
ERNI primarily focuses on the customer loyalty management market, the gift card industry, the online food ordering industry, and the marketing consulting industry.

In the last MONTH alone, ERNI has announced Current Information Filings with plans to post fully audited financials by end of Q4 2013, a U.S. Patent and Trademark application, a partnership with Baruch College and the Pilot Phase of their dynamic Earn IQ Rewards program!
Let’s take a look at the industry:
•Americans accumulate approximately $48 billion in rewards points and miles annually, according to the results of a first-ever study on the perceived dollar value of loyalty programs that illustrates the real economic power of these programs for consumers, issuers, merchants and manufacturers. The number of loyalty memberships in the U.S. is 2.1 billion, exceeding 2 billion for first time, up from 1.8 billion in the 2009 report.
•About 900 million transactions will be conducted with cards connected to merchant loyalty programs in 2015, generating $1.7 billion in revenue for the providers, Aite Group LLC estimates. That’s up from $300 million in 2011.
•Smartphone adoption is approximately 45% of all adults – up 10% since May 2011. Facebook reached one billion active users in October 2012. And gamification in the mobile space is proving to be a success in changing behavior. Keith Smith, CEO of BigDoor (rewards programs for Adobe and predicts we are at the perfect convergence for new types of loyalty programs to take hold to simultaneously provide better rewards to consumers, benefit businesses and create stronger ties of loyalty between the two.

ERNI has small capital structure with a Float tighter than a frog’s you-know-what and fully audited financials by end of Q4 we’re confident this stock will have naysayers in for a big surprise and our members in for a big reward as the company continues to aggressively harvest revenue streams toward shareholder growth to be reflected in the PPS.
Just one look at the chart and members will take note immediately of the upside here given the highly active trading with a tightening of the bid/ask gap.

chart erni

Rewards Nexus, Inc. (OTC: ERNI)
It’s good to be amongst a privileged group of traders thanks to the savvy analysis of our team.

…And up through the ground came a bubbling crude!

“It is going to change things forever in this part of the world”
– Robert Murdock, prospector, Kansas

Oil that is- Black Gold, Texas Tea! But you don’t need to be Jed Clampett to get rich off of oil these days thanks to some of our recent picks. As many of you can attest, our members have experienced a flourish of opportunity for gains in 2013 and we’re only picking up pace as you’ll see with today’s pick!
An emerging oil and gas exploration and development company, today’s pick has the formula for success—proven production targets, seasoned management and potential for both horizontal and vertical drilling initiatives in areas positioned for long-term success and strong financial return.
The Company is actively engaged in identifying, financing and developing oil and gas energy resource properties in North America, including the development of the prolific Cowley County, Kansas, Mississippi Prospect in Kansas. Total historical production in Cowley County, Kansas is over 160 million barrels of oil and over 200 billion cubic feet of natural gas.
Nobody picks winners like us—With over 89% WINS on our track record, we are confident we can bring our members the biggest wins yet in the remaining months of 2013 thanks to amazing prospects like today’s feature.

-(OTCQB: FRMC) has technology that can extract as much as five to 10 times more oil and gas than a conventional vertical well…

“The secret of success is to
Get up early, work late – and strike oil.”
–J.D. Rockefeller

Wise man, that Rockefeller— and without further ado,

This Weeks feature is:

FRMC logo


FORMCAP CORP. (OTCQB: FRMC) is an emerging oil and gas exploration and development company. Its primary focus is the discovery and development of light crude oil in the lower US states, primarily targeting the Mississippian formation. This prolific area has numerous producing zones, including the Mississippian, Layton, Lansing-Kansas City, Bartlesville, Stalnaker, and the Arbuckle.
Why is FORMCAP CORP. (OTCQB: FRMC) worth drilling into?

· FRMC recently announced a Definitive Agreement with Kerr Energy Group and Keta Oil & Gas to purchase up to 1500 acres within 30 days of execution. FormCap will also have the option to participate in the drilling of up to six (6) exploration or development wells on lands currently owned by Keta and Kerr under terms set forth in the Agreement.

Leases which just three years ago went for $30 an acre are now fetching $3,000 an acre in drilling hotspots. Awe-struck real estate agents watch incredulously as mineral rights fetch higher prices than the land itself.- Associated Press, CNBC

· FRMC is in prime territory, with estimated total production is projected to be over 50,000 barrels of oil recoverable per well site. Total historical production in Cowley County, Kansas is over 160 million barrels of oil and over 200 billion cubic feet of natural gas. Oil Fields adjacent to FormCap’s acreage AMI include the Hittle Field, (10,900,000 barrels ) and the David Field (7,000,000 barrels). The participation of Shell Oil, Sandridge, Chesapeake, Range Resources, and Chaparal Energy in this area has increased leasing values and drilling activity throughout southern Kansas.

· FRMC recently brought on Oil Man, Norman Mackenzie as Operator/Technical Advisor. Norman Mackenzie has 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and was one of the founders of C&C Energy Canada Ltd. (subsequently known as C&C Energia Ltd., which traded on the TSX under symbol CZE-T). More recently he was Chairman and CEO of Terra Nova Energy, a public exploration and development company from early 2012 until January 2013.

“FormCap is excited about the potential of its relationship with Kerr and Keta in Cowley County, Kansas as there are tremendous opportunities to produce commercial light oil and gas in an environment of high crude oil prices and low finding and developing costs…Prospects for commercial development of oil and gas in North America have never been better”
- FRMC CEO, Graham Douglas

Industry Snapshot
According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), world crude consumption grew by an estimated 0.7 million barrels per day in 2012 to a record-high level of 89.0 million barrels per day.

The agency expects global oil demand growth by another 1.1 million barrels per day in 2013 and by a further 1.2 million barrels per day in 2014. Importantly, EIA’s latest report assumes that world supply is likely to go up by 0.8 million barrels per day this year and by 1.2 million barrels per day in 2014.

–Activity in the oil and gas industry in Kansas is on the rise, according to information from the Kansas Corporation Commission.According to the KCC website, 611 intents to drill were filed in April. That’s a sharp increase from the 473 reported in March. Just through the last 15 days, there have been 337 intents to drill filed, signifying that May could see increased numbers as well.

–New horizontal wells can extract as much as five to 10 times more oil and gas than a conventional vertical well.


FRMC is ripe for drilling due to an ULTRA-TIGHT share structure—
Market Value1 $22,549,368
Shares Outstanding 92,038,238
Float 40,860,009
Authorized Shares 200,000,000

FRMC chart

FRMC has a conservative capital outlay and lease value increases steadily rising and a team of executives, scientists and operators looking to produce in a territory understood to be abundant in oil and gas, we are thrilled to bring FRMC to our members!

So let’s explore some profits together with

Updates on FRMC will be coming soon…

New Profile Coming 10-23-13 at 9:00 AM Right Here!

Welcome to Firstpennypicks Stock Alert/Profile Page. Our last three alerts have provided total combined gains of over 225% within 5 days of our initial coverage!

This just proves what we have been saying over and over, we are a step ahead of the rest and we have been tightening up our selectivity like never before.

It’s an exciting time for everyone that is a part of our group and we are growing at an exponential rate.

Our competition is falling behind, more and more of their members are making a change to a better, more credible and reliable service by following “FPP”

Remember this page is a great alternative for getting real time alerts if you are unable to subscribe to our SMS/Text alert service. If you are able, text keyword “FPPAlerts” to 25827 and get our new pick on the go.

We will have a new stock profile/alert tomorrow at 9:00 AM, congratulations on the recent profits.

New Feature Profile Quick Profit Potential Inside…

Here is an Opportunity for our Group to Clean up BIG this week with our new alert!

This next stock is a breath of fresh air…and water….and algae…and oil….You name it, our featured pick makes it cleaner, using breakthrough water cleanup technology and patent-pending processes inside a multi-billion dollar industry, strong and growing.

Imagine a company that makes it possible for large scale harvest of algae; lower cost, environmentally friendly output for the oil & gas industry, as well as reducing toxic ammonia and bacteria in water for healthier seafood with higher yields.

We’ve turned down quite a few companies the last few weeks due to my lack of faith in either management, stock performance, or both. Our name is synonymous with BIG WINS and we plan to keep it that way. We are dedicated to becoming even more selective than we have been in the past, going forward. We have been watching failure after failure with our competition. Call it what ever you want Karma, lack of hard work we don’t know what they are thinking. However, we are always striving to be better everyday at providing the best content for our people and are quickly becoming known as the most credible stock newsletter in the business. So, thank you everyone for your continued loyalty.

Our new Small-Cap Profile only has 42M shares outstanding and breakthrough technology in both established and emerging industries, giving us an exciting play with both stability and potential for exponential near-term growth. This ones relatively under the radar for now. If you have been with us a while you know we love patented proprietary technology that has the ability to change the industry.

Yes, it’s time to filter out the ‘maybes’ and make a play on this one as well as the chart and timing seemed lined up perfectly!

So Here’s our FILTERED FOR PROFITS profile!



ORIGINOIL, INC. (OTCQB: OOIL) has developed a breakthrough water cleanup technology for the oil & gas, algae and other water-intensive industries.
Unlike other technologies, the company’s patent-pending Electro Water Separation™ process rapidly and efficiently removes organic material from large quantities of water without the need for chemicals.
For the oil & gas industry, OriginOil is helping clean up produced water and recycle fracking water, to reduce harm to the environment and lower costs.
For the emerging algae industry, OriginOil is making large-scale harvest possible.

Also, in aquaculture, OriginOil is helping improve yields and making seafood healthier by dramatically reducing the levels of toxic ammonia and bacteria in water.
As well, OriginOil has a prototype for organic waste remediation. A prototype EWS Waste unit (the Waste Appliance™) now processes liquid waste at an urban algae demonstration site near Paris, generating clean, nitrate-rich water to feed algae grown on the building’s roof as an energy source.

For a world short on clean water, OriginOil is the lower-cost and cleaner answer.

Why is ORIGINOIL, INC. (OTCQB:OOIL) positioned for profits?

· OOIL has developed a breakthrough water cleanup technology for the oil & gas, algae and other water-intensive industries. The most recent breakthrough for OriginOil is the ability to clean up fracking water as well as produced water. Their process can reduce harm to the environment, lower costs and make large-scale harvest possible.

· OOIL’s patent-pending process will be used by algae technology company AlgEternal, to paying customers in the US and overseas as early as the fourth quarter. The product used is OOIL’s patent-pending Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), a high-speed, chemical-free process to clean up large quantities of water, into their commercial algae production platform.

· OOIL will lead Joint Ventures to supply CLEAN-FRAC™ machines to oil and gas service companies on a pay-per-gallon basis. Former President of Exxon for the Arabian Gulf and Industry Advisor for OOIL stated, “Many operators in the oil and gas industry are very focused on reducing water costs, but lack the capital to invest. OriginOil’s plan to offer performance-based payment is a simple and elegant solution to the challenge.”

“Algae is a unique form of bioenergy, because it has a profile just like petroleum, which came from algae. This means that, not only can algae crude really substitute for black crude, but you can mix algae crude in with other lower energy biomasses such as switchgrass.”
–OOIL CEO, Riggs Eckleberry

Industry Snapshot

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration , natural gas is poised to become nearly 50 percent of the national fuel mix by 2030, up from 23 percent in the last few years. With that massive growth coming primarily from shale-gas deposits that require fracking, the cleanup opportunity is huge.

Boutique research firm Lux Research says it expects the market for fracking-related water treatment will grow nine-fold to $9 billion in 2020.
As well, Turning algae into a distillate-type fuel has long been one prospective area of renewable liquid fuels; it’s even the renewable project where ExxonMobil has been the most aggressive in its investments.

“Algae production for use in fuels shows great promise. As a feed stock, algae can be shown to replicate very quickly and in environments that do not require additional resources, but make use of by-products of current industry. It is therefore thought to be an ideal feedstock for the future creation of bio-diesel, bio-gasoline and bio jet fuel…”
Source: UN Food and Agriculture Organization


OOIL has seen some good action recently, and what we really like, for fundamentalists, is the company’s potential for near-term revenue servicing billion-dollar industries with an increased demand for their patent-pending technology. Charts indicate an imminent uptrend for early-bird participants in a downtrend we feel is very close to a breakout reversal marked by Friday’s 8% increase in pps, in line with near-term revenue prospects along with increase in demand for the Company’s products and technology.

Just when you want it! The beginning of the chart reversal…

OOIL Chart

OOIL Chart

With the Company’s highly-sought-after technology and one-of-a-kind technology en tandem with partners such as The Department of Energy, Clean Water Technology and Algasol Renewables, we’re confident this company is a unique opportunity for your portfolio.

ORIGINOIL, INC. (OTCQB: OOIL) updates on this new feature and current stocks in play coming soon…

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New Feature Profile Here at 9:20 AM

First Penny Picks is dead set on providing some potential profit taking situations for our group in the short term with last weeks profile shaping up nicely we could see a good pop in the PPS there, and we have something special planned in the morning as well.

This new feature has a lower PPS than last weeks profile and we feel may offer up good profit opportunities as soon as day 2-3 of our coverage. Tomorrows alert is a fully reporting QB as well along with revenues and operations. Very exciting technology currently being used in the oil and gas industry among other things.

Be ready at 9:15 AM check your inbox, the timing on this one is perfect! We are dedicated to bringing our group multiple winners in a row this fall.

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Get Your Head in the Clouds

That’s right- don’t be shy. Our next pick should be living proof that, these days, it’s best to have your head in the clouds as opposed to out of them. And I don’t mean the white puffy ones either. No, I’m talking about the revolutionary ‘clouds’: Companies focused in the ever growing world of cloud-based platforms, like our next pick, which provides a cloud-based platform focused on content marketing and event solutions.

Cloud technology is hot and when you think of the fact that brands worldwide depend on this type of technology, exposure and consumer interaction, you can definitely start to see a more than a little leg!

As our members know, we don’t mess around when it comes to our picks. We pick winners 88% of the time due to our detailed analysis of fundamentals and market indicators on each and every prospect we come across.

Once we determine we’ve discovered a WINNER, we pass it directly to our members via email and/or text— and I’m confident this next one will be a front-runner due to its client base of small, medium and Fortune 500 client base, servicing their needs with comprehensive services and a social and digital backbone.

Unlike our “competition”, we don’t mess around with companies that have toxic elements. We put our team to work to identify a trifecta of success including strong fundamentals, share structure and trading performance potential and we’re sure this next one could very well bring exponential gains.

So without further ado….


pulse logo


The Pulse Network (TPNI) is a digital media and event solutions company. A pioneer in Enterprise Social TV and building online and offline communities, The Pulse helps clients leverage web video, social networks and inbound marketing to drive better engagement, loyalty and leads at a lower cost than traditional approaches.

Why does THE PULSE NETWORK, INC. (OTCQB: TPNI) have our systems in overdrive?

· THE PULSE NETWORK, INC. (OTCQB: TPNI) is in full revenue producing mode. This is not a start up. This Company had sales in excess of $3mm in 2012 working for clients like SAP, IBM, Intel and Rockwell Automation. The company provides a cloud-based platform focused on content marketing and event solutions for clients worldwide, helping them boost awareness, drive lead generation and enhance client engagement through content marketing, campaign management and event registration with a social and digital backbone.

· TPNI has been successfully delivering solutions and servicing the largest global brands for over 18 years in development of its platform. The Pulse Network has created one of the industry’s most results driven, content centric marketing, thought leadership and lead generation systems for its client base. This revolutionary platform is now available to the public! And the timing couldn’t be better.

· TPNI is supported by an extensive network of industry analysts and advisors. This allows TPNI to deliver proven subject matter expertise worldwide for their services and productions. In addition, relationships with providers such as Livestream, LiveU, NewTek, Offerpop, and Simply Measured support TPNI’s content delivery and social marketing capabilities.

Industry Snapshot

Gartner reported that the marketing automation software industry reached $2.8 billion in 2011, about a quarter of the reported CRM software industry total of $11.9 billion. The analyst firm also forecasts that the marketing automation software industry will see double-digit year over year growth for at least the next three years. Marketing automation clearly represents the highest growth sector among the CRM software tenants which also include sales and service.

There could not be a hotter space to be in right now. ORCL bought Eloqua in 2012 for $800mm Recently listed on the NasdaqGS, MKTO is a direct competitor that trades at $24/share.

Another competitor, Eventbrite, recently raised $60mm and has cumulative sales of $1.5 billion since 2006.

“In 2013 content will be king, queen, and court. Content has always been important, but now more than ever the defining difference between brands is the content that tells its story. The rise of social media means that brands must now produce a constant stream of compelling content that attracts attention and becomes the basis for an ongoing connection with the consumer. Marketing automation technology, which also relies on content, will be another huge factor in the coming year, as brands integrate these powerful consumer intelligence and automation tools into their consumer-decision journey strategies.”
– Tony Quin, Chairman, Society of Digital Agencies

TPNI is anticipating EXPONENTIAL GROWTH as demand and access to market continue to flourish in line with industry trends


TPNI looks great from top to bottom, including only 90.4m shares outstanding and a float of only 15m shares! Industry projections seem to be right in line with the recent growth spurt underway the last few months. We think this is just the beginning as companies start to make client engagement and content marketing a high priority.

Take a look at the chart:
tpni chart

This thing looks consolidated and ready!

We aren’t in the business of price targets, but given the Company’s proven history and cutting edge technology, alongside top-notch clientele with an ever increasing need for event solutions, automation technology and content marketing, TPNI gives us an opportunity programmed to perform!

So let’s engage today’s winner before the next jump beats us to the punch!


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